Risaalaat Program Overview

Risaalaat provides tours in Iran that include trips to various historical places, Islamic sites, and museums in order to familiarize visitors with the history of ancient Iranian and Islamic cultures. We also organize ziarat pilgrimages to the shrines of Imam Rida (a.s), Hazrat Fatimah Ma'sumah (a.s), and Imam Khomeini (r.a) and visits to the Holy Mosque of Jamkaran, the Jamaran Husayniyyeh and various mosques and cultural centers.



We devised an educational program to provide participants with an opportunity to acquire a general awareness of Islam within the Shia School of Thought. This includes visits and meetings with various religious scholars, holding sessions with individuals expert in their fields, round table discussions and dynamic workshops. The topics covered in these sessions would include some or all of the following:

  1. Spiritual sessions (Embarking on the Spiritual Path)
  2. Question and answer sessions concerning Islamic subjects
  3. Islamic Rulings
  4. Definition, familiarization and the wisdom behind Islamic rulings.
  5. Subjects of concern in Western society (e.g. The question of the taharat of the Ahl al Kitab, relationships between the sexes in Western society, permanent and temporary marriage, music, encouraging the good and forbidding the wrong)
  6. Familiarization with Du'as
  7. Familiarization with Islamic morals and etiquette
  8. The major sins
  9. Relationships with parents
  10. The family and marriage
  11. Relationships between young men and young women
  12. Discussions on the etiquette of temporary marriage
  13. Living among non-Muslims, etc.
  14. Music and Dancing
  15. The relationship of science and technology with the religion of Islam, the Islamic view of the natural sciences
  16. What is Shi'ism
  17. Understanding the Islamic Seminary
  18. The concept of Mahdiism
  19. Imamat